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What Motivates a Psychic Investigator?

For every psychic investigator we hear about, there are many more individuals that never claim recognition. Not everyone wants to be involved in searching through mental images and/or feelings that provide or add sense to forensic information. The motivating force is an overwhelming feeling that the person cannot live with themselves if they fail to say something that could bring resolution to an open situation.

Psychic Investigator

Even revealing impressions of the status of a missing person or location of evidence is dangerous. Sometimes the information is provided as an anonymous tip because the details are similar to undisclosed evidence. Psychic investigators have been investigated and at times arrested for a crime because the forensic details they shared with the police were considered information only the perpetrator would know.

Psychic ability differs from one person to another. Not everyone connects to past events that clarify partial details of a cold case. What happens when a talent is used to seek out a missing person? Fifteen year old Rob Piest went missing after leaving work early. Leads came in from several psychics. One woman touched some of the victim's property. She informed the detective that Piest had been brutally murdered and was buried with several other young men. Her impressions of the burial spot and the likely suspect provided unknown information that helped the police with their quest. John Wayne Gacy killed at least 33 boys and young men. Rob Piest was the final victim.

As with many police investigations, informative sources are typically not identified by name or contribution. The typical exceptions are perpetrators who provide state's evidence in exchange for a plea bargain. Psychics who prefer to live without their name being given out are granted peace from other families that want closure on old cases.

Even stubborn law enforcement agencies around the world are more open to the unconventional source of assistance from psychic investigators and detectives as case ages. Every lead is a good one because it either proves or disproves a particular idea. The motivational force that pushes psychics into revealing a feeling or dynamic visual screening of a criminal act or the distress of a missing person is so overpowering that the information is supplied in some way to the proper authorities to use as needed.

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