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What are the chances of getting my old boyfriend or girlfriend back?

Relationship issues are the most frequent topic people inquire about from a psychic. Like life itself, relationships are fragile. Even during the good times it takes work from both partners to sustain a healthy relationship. When one partner decides it's over, it is tremendously painful for the person who was 'dumped'.

If this happened to you recently, you are likely wondering what you may have done wrong, or could you have done something differently. The question that won't leave you alone is what you can do to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back.

When it seems like a dark cloud is hovering above your head a psychic can help you move through to the other side of painful emotions you are suffering. Talking to an experienced, empathetic psychic may be just the thing you need.

Your psychic will use her gifts and intuition to make an inventory of what went wrong in the relationship. She will be able to "see" deeper issues that you may not have been aware of or didn't put your attention on.

She will also point out healthy aspects of your previous relationship. As an objective advisor, your psychic will tell you what is, without judging. If all the signs indicate you were in a troubled relationship and it is not for your highest good to try to reconcile with your ex, she will gently guide you to action steps you can take to start the healing process.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend does not want you, your psychic will help you realize you don't want him or her. While she may have the power to make your ex want you and return to the relationship, psychics know the danger involved in manipulating another person's energy.

The Universe operates under laws that never change. If we mess around with another person's energy, there will be consequences. Basically, it's like the old wisdom, 'be careful what you ask for, you might get it'.

Also, there are toxic partners, including abusive and addictive personalities, where your emotional and physical health could be endangered, even if you could get this type of boyfriend or girlfriend back. Let your psychic show you how to find closure and move toward a new and healthy relationship.

However, if you broke-up because of nagging issues and the person is still available, your psychic will have insights and information that give you direction so that you can prevent making the same kind of mistakes if you get back together.

Remember, your psychic is acting as your advocate. She wants you to be in a happy relationship. She will not get great joy from telling you hard truths. You will not want to hear them either.

It may be of some comfort to understand that all relationships end - some through the natural progression of death and others for distressing reasons. Painful break-ups could mean that you learned the particular lesson the other person brought to the relationship.

If your psychic advises you to let go of the relationship and start the grieving process, it is wise to listen. However, let's suppose the planets are in right alignment and your energy patterns reveal the break-up was a mistake. The first question your psychic will ask is – Why do you want your ex back?

If you want him/her back because you are miserable and lonesome, you will come off as desperate. Let a little time go by. Calling or dropping by his/her home unannounced will just annoy your ex. Sending little love notes or pleading text messages might cause your ex to feel sorry for you. Pity won't bring him/her knocking on your door.

Your psychic will tell you to wait until you truly realize your boyfriend or girlfriend is the "One". Then, you can contact your ex from a place of love instead of fear.

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