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Psychics Who Claim to Be Able To talk to the Deceased.

For more than a century, psychics have been communicating messages of the dead to the loved ones of the deceased. Sometimes during séances and other times during automatic writing sessions, these mediums have the chance to present information that helps loved ones and to ensure that this information is delivered accurately.

Ouija boards have been used for recreational purposes in recent years, but psychics one used spirit boards to communicate with the dead. While the messages were often simplistic, they also were restrictive on the number of dead individuals a person could talk to.

Psychics Talk to the Dead

In modern times, the traditional forms of communicating with the dead have been replaced by those who speak to them directly and listen to their voices.  This includes many well-known names like Sylvia Browne, Alison DuBois, James van Praagh and John Edward. These professionals deliver messages from the afterlife in an effort to bring some comfort and closure to family members.

Psychics with the ability to communicate with the dead are often used in missing person’s cases to help find the location of a body or to solve a murder case. This has proven effective on more than one occasion for detectives who have been able to piece together the information and locate bodies, missing persons and apprehend criminals in the process.

Just because a psychic can communicate with the dead, does not mean they can always reach the person you are looking to speak with. The ability to communicate with the dead requires the person to be in the same vicinity. While some spirits will attach themselves to the living, others will choose a place instead. This could be a former residence where they passed away or another location that was important to them. Often, the psychic will choose to go to these locations in an attempt to make communication.

When reviewing psychics who can speak to the dead, it is important to consider their abilities and to enter the situation with an open mind. Communication from the dead does require that you are open and receptive to it. 

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