The 4 Best Crystals for Attracting Love

Every human, just like every crystal, has a different energy. And unlike crystals, which have an extremely stable energy frequency, humans have an extremely unstable energy frequency. Because of this, our energy is vulnerable to constant change due to our environment and the people we interact with. Crystals, with their stable and therefore more powerful energy, can easily influence our weaker energy. Here are some crystals that can affect your energy and make you more susceptible to love and romance.

Rose Quartz

Perhaps the most famous and powerful love crystal, Rose Quartz is closely associated with the heart chakra. It’s ideal for attracting any kind of relationship, from friendship to a passionate romance. Wearing this crystal close to your chest activates the heart chakra which, depending on your intention, can help rekindle existing relationships or even invite new love. Rose Quartz has a feminine energy that encourages love, compassion, and luck. To keep this crystal’s loving energy constantly surrounding you, consider wearing a Rose Quartz Pendant.

Pink Tourmaline

By promoting harmony and non-conflict, this crystal can help you create meaningful relationships with others. Pink Tourmaline encourages love, emotional healing, and happiness and releases negative emotions and trauma. It can be used to open the heart chakra and enhances the courage to love. With Pink Tourmaline’s protective qualities, know that you are safe to love unconditionally.

Green Aventurine

As another stone connected to the heart chakra, Green Aventurine is great for when you are looking to be in a new relationship. As the ultimate stone of luck, those wanting to attract love into their life can certainly benefit from it. Using Green Aventurine boosts the odds of your success in love and can help harness a sense of comfort and love.


Known for negating negative energy patterns, Moonstone is great at balancing the heavy and intense emotions that can come with relationships. The stone’s feminine energy brings balance, helping to maintain a strong, stable relationship. Moonstone is beneficial for those who have previously closed their heart off to love due to disappointment or loneliness, as it attracts the more gentle and delicate aspects of love. It is known to provide hope and inspiration for those waiting on true love.

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