Codependent Vs. Interdependent Relationships

Over your long lifetime as a human being, you’ll find yourself in countless different relationships of countless different types. No relationship between two people is ever similar to another. However, they can be similar in the style or attachment present within those relationships. You’ve probably heard of Codependent Relationships before, but have you ever heard of Interdependent Relationships? Let’s explore the differences between the two and why you should strive to have an Interdependent Relationship with your partner.

Codependent Relationships

A codependent relationship is a relationship that relies heavily on the other party to the point that being separated feels detrimental. Of course, relying on your partner or being somewhat dependent on them isn’t a bad thing, but when it gets to the point where being together all the time feels like a necessity and you can’t separate yourself from them, then it becomes uncomfortable and dysfunctional. This is because codependent couples are usually out of balance- there are struggles for control and often there is a disrespect for the other person’s autonomy and independence. It’s common for people in a codependent relationship to feel like they can’t breakup out of fear that they cannot function on their own.

Interdependent Relationships

In an interdependent relationship, partners seek to find a balance between mutual reliance and their own independence. It’s important to value communication, bonding, and sharing, as well as spending time apart and having personal space and goals. People in an interdependent relationship have the ability to function independently from their partner. They are able to share power equally with their partner and take responsibility for their own feelings and actions. Intimacy and time away doesn’t threaten the relationship, but instead allows them more freedom. The key to an interdependent relationship is respect. Respecting your partners feelings, personal goals, and relationships outside of you will allow your relationship to grow and flourish in a healthy manner.

Don’t Fixate on Labels

Like anything else, romantic relationships are inherently complicated, and vary greatly from person to person. Your relationship might not fit into any labels or shift between different types- and that’s okay! Romance is hardly ever straight forward or simple. What’s important is that your romantic bond is a healthy one.

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