How to Tell if You’re in a Karmic Relationship

How to Tell if You’re in a Karmic Relationship A karmic relationship is a manifestation of a connection we held in a previous lifethat carries the grief, issues, and trauma from that lifetime. It’s believed that they bring up unfinished business from a previous life that needs to be sorted out. Worried you might be in a karmic relationship? Here’s some signs on how to identify karmic relationships.

“Love” at First Sight

When it comes to karmic relationships there’s usually a weird sense of déjà vu or an instant connection, which most people tend to misinterpret as love at first sight. It’s common to feel abnormally drawn to the other person andthink that you can’t live without them. Karmic relationships differ from normal relationships where romantic attraction usually takes time to develop as you get to know the other person.

It’s Rocky and Unstable

Things are never quite consistent when it comes to karmic relationships. There are a lot of highs and lows. Most relationships will settle into stability with the occasional argument or disagreement. However, there is no stability in karmic relationships. One day can be the peak of romantic happiness and the next have you in the deepest depths of despair. Instability can also manifest in a breakup/make up cycle.

Overly Codependent

Every relationship has a sense of dependency, but karmic relationships take it to the next level. Most of the time it comes at the cost of your sense of self. All of your time and energy is absorbed by your significant other to the point that it may feel like you don’t exist outside of them, and they consume your whole existence. Oftentimes your relationships with your friends and family will suffer as a result of this, because you’ve stopped putting any time and effort into them.

All About the Dramatics

Healthy communication is severely lacking in karmic relationships. Everyday conversations can feel snarky and heated, and that negativity can quickly spread into every aspect of life. There’s a lot of drama and high intensity emotion that be incredibly draining on your spiritual and mental self. Any relationship is going to have its share of drama, but usually those in a healthy relationship have good communication and honesty with one another.

It Doesn’t Last

A karmic relationship will not stand the test of time and will inevitably come to a harsh end. Instability and volatility are not the basis of a healthy relationship. Because of the nature of karmic relationships is inherently surface level, they will fall apart no matter how much you or partner may try to hold on.

How to Break Free

Walking away from a karmic relationship can be difficult, especially since the majority of them feature unhealthy codependence. It can be hard to come up with excuses to leave when you feel such a strong connection to another person, even when that connection is a toxic one. Many people feel they can’t leave their partner because they owe them some karmic debt. However, if you’ve already realized how bad this relationship is for you, that you’ve had a hard time, that you have suffered, then you’ve already paid a karmic debt. Once the karma between you and your partner has burned away, you can be free.

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