How the Moon Phases Can Affect Your Love Life

Did you know that the lunar cycle can influence human behavior, including your mood and love life?

Most people turn to Venus and Mars, planets both associated with love, to gain guidance in their relationships.

However, the various energies associated with certain moon phases can affect us in different ways. By understanding these energies, you can take your lunar wisdom and apply it to your own love life.

Here’s how the first 5 moon phases might affect you!

New Moon: Growth and New Beginnings

The new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle. Because of that, they bring the energy of fresh starts and new beginnings.

This is the perfect time to start something new, whether it be a completely fresh relationship or advancing to a further stage in your current relationship.

Conversations about engagement, getting married, becoming official, or moving in together can be most fruitful during this time.

Waxing Crescent: Planting New Seeds

As the lunar cycle continues the journey towards regaining its fullness, it’s also a good time to keep building momentum in your own love life.

Think of setting new intentions of what you what to bring into your relationship andfocus on learning how your lives fit together.

First Quarter Moon: Development and Reflection

Here is where the lunar cycle takes a brief pause. This is a perfect time to check-in with your partner and take stock of where your relationship currently lies.

Communication is important. Make sure to discuss with one another any challenges or developments in your relationships in order to gain insight on whether or not you need to make any adjustments in life.

Gibbous Moon: Change

With the clarity you’ve gained from the previous lunar phase, you’ll now find yourself much more confident about progressing forward.

Make some necessary changes and adjustments to your relationship. In the long run, being adaptive will help you overcome any possible relationship challenges.

Full Moon: Vibrancy

Emotions run high under the powerful energy of the full moon. It’s also the moon phase most commonly associated with romance and love. So, if you’re looking for a sign to make a move, now’s your chance!

Plan time to just enjoy each other. Do new activities and explore new opportunities within your relationship. Feel free to give anything a go!

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