What is Romance? It May Not Be What You Think

When we think of romance, many of us envision grand gestures of chivalry accompanied by roses, dancing, and candlelight. It’s the fairytale. The princess and the knight in shining armor. But is it realistic? Of course not.

What is considered “Romantic” is different for everyone. Plus, romance evolves over the life of a relationship, ranging from what makes us hot and bothered in a new relationship to less obvious ways in a long-term union. So, do you feel that the romance is gone in your relationship? Maybe you are just looking in the wrong place.

Look for the Little Things!

It’s no secret that men’s and women’s ideas of what is romantic can be vastly different. Sometimes it’s a compatibility issue, but more often it is because he doesn’t know how to be romantic. Maybe he didn’t have a good example of a loving relationship growing up or his inhibitions stop him because he’s afraid to look silly. Look for those little things that he does to make you happy and then celebrate them.

  • Does he make your coffee just the way you like it and bring it to you every morning?
  • Does he hold your hand and make you feel protected and safe while you are out together?
  • Does he cuddle up to you and watch that TV show you love, even though you know he hates it, just because he wants to be with you?

These are all signs that he cares and, although they may not be grand gestures, they are very romantic in their own way. Acknowledge them and appreciate them.Perhaps it’s not that the romance is gone, but that it has taken a form that you hadn’t considered before.

  • Where are you and your partner on your romantic journey?
  • Are your expectations of romance compatible with your partner’s?
  • Is it possible to rekindle the romance that you once had?

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