3 Spiritual Signs That You Should End a Relationship

It might be hard to decide to give up on a relationship, especially after you’ve put so much love and work into maintaining it. Sometimes, even when you love a person, it’s better to let them go. But how do you know if you should end a relationship or not? If you been playing with the thought of breaking things off with your partner, here’s some spiritual signs that may break the deal.

You Feel Disconnected from Your Partner

No matter how much you love or care for someone, no relationship can work without ample communication. Whether you feel disconnected physically or emotionally, this means the something is off in the relationship. Especially if you are making an effort to connect with your partner, and they aren’t extending the same courtesy in return. In a good relationship, even if you and your partner are physically apart, you’ll still feel connected.

You Can’t be Yourself with Them

If you are afraid or feel like you can’t be yourself around your partner, this could be a sign to end your relationship. Your significant other should love you for yourself, so if you feel like you have to act a certain way in order for your partner to love you, it’s not a relationship built to last. Enjoying each other’s company and being comfortable around each other is a big part of a relationship. There’s no use holding onto a partner if you aren’t comfortable with them, even if you love them.

Your Partner Has No Time for You

Of course, there are many external factors that may impact the amount of time you spend together with your partner, such as family engagements or work. However, even a partner busy with valid issues will still make somewhat of an effort to create time with their significant effort. Long distance or limited time relationships can work- if both partners put in effort to maintain it. If you feel like your partner isn’t putting in time to be with you, it may show that they aren’t as committed to retaining the relationship as you are.

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