What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Relationships

Just as the sun governs personality and the moon governs emotions, the other astrological planets determine certain aspects of our core being. Venus, named after the Goddess of Love, rules our sentiments; what we love and value, how we show affection, and who we’re attracted to.

Understanding your Venus sign is great way to explore your love life and look at your relationships with a different cosmic perspective.

Venus in Aries

Those with Venus in Aries aren’t afraid to take charge in a relationship. Unafraid to lead and ask for what they want when it comes to romance, they are often dominant in their partnerships. Bold, impulsive, and direct, they easily attract others due to their confidence and charm. Just be careful- it’s easy for those with Venus in Aries to prioritize themselves in a relationship. They need to make sure to pay attention to their partner’s needs as well.

Venus in Taurus

Love for Venus in Taurus centers on physical displays of affection. They value feeling settled, comfortable, and secure in their romantic relationships. Because Venus is Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus in Taurus are highly sensual beings.

But beware- it’s easy for them become jealous or possessive, so it’s important to emphasize your loyalty to them.

Venus in Gemini

Don’t try to get a Venus in Gemini to settle down and commit, it may come as a struggle. They change their minds rapidly and can be fickle when it comes to love because they don’t like being tied down.

Those with Venus in Gemini show their love through communication. They’re best at connecting to their partners both mentally and verbally.

Venus in Cancer

Those with Venus in Cancer crave stability, warmth, and protection from a relationship. For them, love is best when it is predictable and committed. Incredibly preceptive when it comes to emotion, Venus in Cancers value trust and loyalty above all else.

It may take some time to open their guarded hearts, and they may be a little moody when it comes to love, but it’s worth it in the end.

Venus in Leo

The best way to make a Venus in Leo happy is by doting on them. More than anything they need adoration and appreciation, and failure to provide attention will bring about some massive sulking.

While pleasing a Venus in Leo may seem like a lot of work, partners are rewarded with intense loyalty. Passionate and fiery, they bring love and a whole lot of warmth to any relationship.

Venus in Virgo

Innately cautious and reserved, those with Venus in Virgo pay attention to the small things in relationships. They are detailed oriented, so they take their time getting to know their significant other.

Willing to work hard in love, they have a tendency to try and “fix” things through nagging. But realize that Venus in Virgos tend to show their love via helping and practical support.

Venus in Libra

Those with Venus in Libra hate conflict and seek harmony in all romantic relationships. They’ll go through great lengths to keep the peace and avoid conflict, which can sometimes lead to them being taken advantage of.

Sweet, gentle, and a true romantic at heart, those with Venus in Libra need to be treated kindly and fairly. Treat them accordingly, and they will return the favor.

Venus in Scorpio

Needing depth and honesty when it comes to relationships, those with Venus in Scorpio have no boundaries when it comes to intimacy. They are intensely passionate and love with an unfaltering loyalty that can come off as intense to others.

Venus in Scorpios are completely focused on their partners. As purely emotional beings, they tend to let relationships consume them.

Venus in Sagittarius

Adventurous at heart, those with Venus in Sagittarius are always open and willing to try new things in a relationship. They seek partners willing to mix things up and feed into their wanderlust. Always free-spirited and independent, they don’t easily commit.

Don’t try to tie down a Venus in Sagittarius- as soon as they begin to feel suffocated their first instinct is to up and run.

Venus in Capricorn

Seeking longevity and stability, Venus in Capricorns are less likely to engage in casual flings. To them, romantic relationships are about commitment. They are practical and crave structure, so they usually find themselves more drawn to traditional partnerships.

Venus in Capricorns can sometimes be a little too practical and can come across as lacking in warmth.

Venus in Aquarius

Endlessly eccentric when it comes to love, those with Venus in Aquarius are unique partners with no boundaries when it comes to relationships. They are not ones to attach labels to relationships, and approach them with an open mind.

However, sometimes their easy-going attitudes can come across as uncaring, but recognize that they always strive to be fair and impartial.

Venus in Pisces

Those with Venus in Pisces are classic romantics. They seek out tender relationships and unconditional love. Endlessly dreamy and soft-hearted, they make receptive and devoted partners.

Staying grounded in love can be difficult for them, as their sensitive and romantic outlook in life tends to lead them towards the more fantastical than the realistic.

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