What Are You Worth?

Have you every sought advice about your finances, your career, or your relationship, and think that if you can fix that one thing, then everything will be better and you’ll finally be happy? Consider this, maybe those things aren’t the problem… maybe it’s you.

Ask yourself this question: “What is my worth?” No, not your net worth in money, material things, or even your family; what are YOU worth? If you have a hard time answering the question, then possibly you are the root of your problems.

Lack of self-worth leaves a hole in our being that longs to be filled. We then try to fill that void with the wrong things, like acquiring money and material things, our career, our kids, or in a relationship. We mistakenly think that these things will solve our problems, and then wonder why they don’t, why there is still something missing. Call it what you will – self-worth, self-awareness, self-esteem, personal value – if you cannot acknowledge who you are and what you are worth, you cannot truly understand your inner self and, therefore, cannot know what fulfills you and makes you happy.

Self-discovery is a journey, and it can take years to understand yourself at your deepest core. Start by asking yourself, “What do I value in myself?” and “What do I value in the world around me?” Keep in mind that what you value in the world is the consequence of what you value within yourself, just as what you dislike or devalue usually stems from what you dislike or devalue about yourself. With that in mind, explore the relationship between what you think you want and what fulfills you. Be honest with yourself and journal your thoughts. You are now on the way finding your worth.

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