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CHRIS    Available Now
     STAFF PICK. Chris is a relationship specialist. Is my lover leaving? Is my lover coming back? Is my lover true? Is my lover the one for me? ...Read More
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LUNA    Available Now
     STAFF PICK. Luna Ext. 1060 with 35 years exp I am a Certified Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot, Rune, Pet, Aura & Chakra reader. Love relationships ...Read More
Ext: 1060    Call Me Now

LA LA    Available Now
     Intuitive & Psychic Medium since childhood. Let my Angels help you with love, relationships, career or life path. Together we will see how your life ...Read More
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SHELLY    Available Now
     NEW Shelley Host ID 1248 Shelley has 30 years experience as a Clairvoyant , Shelley is a Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Medium and Pet Psychic. ...Read More
Ext: 1248    Call Me Now

     I am Illuminense Angel guided by ArchAngel Peter. Guided to help people in the immediate situations that come up according to need upon request. I ...Read More
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April    Available Now
     I am The Love Specialist...I can help you find love or renew the love you have. With 40 Years of Experience as Psychic Reader & Advisor I am The 4 TH ...Read More
Ext: 1288    Call Me Now

Rev Diana    Available Now
     Rev. Diana, Im a naturally gifted spiritual intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic medium, teacher and healer. I have over 20+ years of experience. I was ...Read More
Ext: 1342    Call Me Now

Adam    Unavailable
     Adam has been a professional psychic reader for over twenty years via phone, radio and TV. Adam’s readings are crisp, specific psychic readings ...Read More
Ext: 1238   

FRANK    Unavailable
     I specialize in the past present and future and reuniting love ones. Voice readings are my speciality. I am a Master Tarot Card Reader Spiritual ...Read More
Ext: 1328   

MARY    Unavailable
     STAFF PICK.I have been a psychic since the age of six I was three when i answered my first questions and professionally when I was nine. I ...Read More
Ext: 1286   

HARMONY    Unavailable
     Customer Favorite and Staff Pick Harmony Host ID.# 1264 I look forward to sharing my gifts with you through an accurate reading that will ...Read More
Ext: 1264   

JOY    Unavailable
     STAFF PICK 20 years professional experience. Being born of the veil or more commonly referred to as a caulbearer, Joy was given a unique ...Read More
Ext: 1152   

JOSEPH    Unavailable
     I am a gifted psychic with over 15 years of experience. I tell past present and future. I specialize in love tarot and all matters of the heart. I ...Read More
Ext: 1352   

FAITH    Unavailable
     Ext. 1266 As a Clairvoyant I see images and hear information from guides and angels and energy , I get straight to the truth on how someone is ...Read More
Ext: 1266   

CLOUD SPIRIT    Unavailable
     15 years professional experience. Cloud Spirit is a third generation born blind intuitive psychic. She is accurate and skilled in many ways ...Read More
Ext: 1192   

NICK    Unavailable
     I have been professionally giving psychic readings for over 40 years. I have been helping people all over the world. Many years ago I worked with ...Read More
Ext: 1338   

WIZARD STEVEN    Unavailable
     STAFF PICK. 20 years professional experience. Steven is an over 100th Generation born intuitive Psychic with an amazing family history of ...Read More
Ext: 1092   

Lady Dee    Unavailable
     The Lady of the Light LADY DEE As the Lady of the Light I am blessed with the gifts of Clair audience, Clairvoyance, Dream Interpretation, I ...Read More
Ext: 1334   

Lucille    Unavailable
     I have 30 years of experience I am a true gifted thirdgeneration psychic I am here only to tell you the truth about youre reading and nothing but the ...Read More
Ext: 1336   

SYLVIA    Unavailable
     STAFF PICK. 24 years professional experience. Sylvia is a fourth generation born psychic. She is one of our most diverse psychic ...Read More
Ext: 1084   

FAY    Unavailable
     I can help on all matters of life. I specialize in Psychic and Tarot Card Readings. I also communicate with love ones who have passed. I reunite ...Read More
Ext: 1320   

SARA    Unavailable
     STAFF PICK 35 years professional experience. Sara was born psychic, at the beginning of her career and still to this day she is often ...Read More
Ext: 1062   

DIANA    Unavailable
     NATIONAL AWARD WINNING TAROT CARD READER / PSYCHIC. 15 years Professional experience. Third generation born psychic. Her first dynamic and recorded ...Read More
Ext: 1194   

Gabi    Unavailable
     Gabi is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium with 50+ years of experience and 99% accuracy. She uses no tools and works exclusively with ...Read More
Ext: 1344   

Nicole    Unavailable
     I am a psychic adviser, medium, dream interpreter. I can tell you the past as it was the present as it is and the future on how it will be. I ...Read More
Ext: 1354   

LADY MORVANI    Unavailable
     20 years professional experience helping people just like you with love and relationships, careers and finance. Dont fear the future, know it! Born ...Read More
Ext: 1206   

Princess Leda    Unavailable
     I am clairvoyant claire audience an Impath remote viewing. I also read pets and sometimes I can pick up on people who have passed on. When I was 20 ...Read More
Ext: 1360   

LEEZA    Unavailable
     I am a Psychic Reader not to tell you what you want to hear, but what is best directed for you. Love, Romance, Marriage, Business and Health. 31 ...Read More
Ext: 1176   

CHARLES    Unavailable
     Charles is a naturally gifted medium who will use his ability to contact loved ones from the great beyond to help obtain closure for various ...Read More
Ext: 1362   

Lady Lynn    Unavailable
     Hi my name is Lady Lynn, I am a Clairvoyant, Spiritualist Psychic and an Empath. I specialize in love relationships, marriage, career, finances and ...Read More
Ext: 1372   

Caroline    Unavailable
     I See The Details Others Miss! My Readings Are Always Accurate,Compassionate, Caring and Validating. I am a 4th generation psychic with more than 30 ...Read More
Ext: 1358   

BARNABAS    Unavailable
     Ive been doing readings since the tender age of 13 I tap into others energies by connecting through their energetic vibes. It is optional for me to ...Read More
Ext: 1368   

Tatianna    Unavailable
     Over the past forty years, Tonya has been helping people all over the world, as a third generation psychic. This woman will make you think about all ...Read More
Ext: 1370   

Donna    Unavailable
     Psychic Donna Ext.1276 25 years of experience as a professional Psychic, Donna can help you with all your needs. Her specialty is relationships and ...Read More
Ext: 1276   

Danielle    Unavailable
     I specialize in Taro Card, Medium, Voice Fibrillation Interpretation. I have been giving readings since I was 18 years old. I really enjoy doing ...Read More
Ext: 1324   

Ms Theresa    Unavailable
     Hello my name is Ms. Theresa. I am a psychic and a master medium. I have been reading for over 31 years. My gifts are inherited from my great ...Read More
Ext: 1356   

STERLING    Unavailable
     I am your relationship specialist! I can see things that you and others can not. With over 15 years experience as an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, ...Read More
Ext: 1374   

MORGANA    Unavailable
     I have been a psychic and an intuitive for many years. As a blind person, I have learned to develop my senses to experience the energies of the ...Read More
Ext: 1202   

ISABELL    Unavailable
     I specialize in love and relationships and can read into thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others. I can tell you if youre with the right person, ...Read More
Ext: 1326   

GENE    Unavailable
     I have over 25 years professional experience. I have helped countless people through all sorts of situations. I would love to help you too.
Ext: 1364   

LAURA    Unavailable
     Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Psychic, Relationships, Career, Dream Interpretation. Laura can do it all. She is very popular. A reading with her and you ...Read More
Ext: 1130   

KATHY    Unavailable
     STAFF PICK. I have natural born clairvoyance/psychic abilities. I have helped many people with relationship problems in their life. There ...Read More
Ext: 1136   

MARGARET    Unavailable
     Margaret: NEW!!! 25 years professional experience. Born clairvoyant, Margaret started giving friends and family readings at age 7. By age 9, she ...Read More
Ext: 1168   

SCOTT PENDRAGON    Unavailable
     I am a caring and insightful Psychic, who with the aid of Angel Cards and a Divination Pendulum, connects with the all encompassing energy of the ...Read More
Ext: 1186   

VINNIE    Unavailable
     10 years professional experience. Being half native American, Vinnie has been gifted with psychic abilities since birth. He uses native American ...Read More
Ext: 1218   

RACHEL    Unavailable
     Rachel is a 3nd generation clairvoyant . Since the age of 5 she has shared her gifts. Rachel is clairvoyant , audient, and sentient to help people ...Read More
Ext: 1236   

Mystical STEPHANIE    Unavailable
     In each reading, I channel information from my Guides, my readings do not rely on specific devices or methods but consist of me transmitting ...Read More
Ext: 1284   

GABRIELLE    Unavailable
     A sixth generation Empathic Clairvoyant, I have been giving readings for ten years. I was taught to use my gifts since I was nine by my Mother and ...Read More
Ext: 1316   

JESSICA    Unavailable
     I am a 13 year experienced clairvoyant reader and advisor. If you are tired of wanting answers for your love life, your career and how to bring ...Read More
Ext: 1318   

SAMANTHA    Unavailable
     NEW A gifted psychic, I can tell you everything you need to know and more. I love putting people on the right path and helping them make the right ...Read More
Ext: 1332   

KIM    Unavailable
     Hello my name is Kim, I am here to give you the guidance and answers you seek. A better understanding of yourself and those around you and a clearer ...Read More
Ext: 1348   

Veronika    Unavailable
     Veronika, An Oracle with full sensory perception. A portal to enlightenment. Celebrity psychic to the stars for 25 years on TV radio and phone. ...Read More
Ext: 1350   

CRYSTAL ROSE    Unavailable
     12 years professional experience. Crystal is a born clairvoyant who specializes in fianance and relationship issues. She is also a medium who can ...Read More
Ext: 1198   

JULIEANNA    Unavailable
      Performs Tarot Card Readings if asked. . Hi my name is Julieanna. I have over 20 years of experience helping thousands of people reunite ...Read More
Ext: 1222   

KATARINA    Unavailable
     NEW Performs Tarot Card Readings if asked. . A spiritualist of the 10th generation with 10 years of experience that was born gifted with a ...Read More
Ext: 1232   

MISS ADAMS    Unavailable
     Hello, Im Miss Adams, a 3rd generation psychic since birth,with over 20 years of professional experience. My heavenly gift has helped me help others ...Read More
Ext: 1240   

ELIZABETH    Unavailable
     Are you hurt or confused about the one you love? Asking yourself is it meant to be? FIND OUT if the one you love, loves another or is your SOUL MATE. ...Read More
Ext: 1254   

PATRICIA    Unavailable
     Im a Fourth generation psychic. Ive been doing psychic readings for 40 years. Through my many years, I have gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge. ...Read More
Ext: 1270   

Psychic Storm    Unavailable
     I am Psychic Storm. For 20 years, I have helped a variety of people. I am a compassionate and insightful psychic who is guided by the gods and ...Read More
Ext: 1280   

Darlene    Unavailable
     Darlene has been talking to spirit since she was 4 years old.With over 40 years of experience. She has a kind loving heart and is full of energy and ...Read More
Ext: 1296   

EGYPTIAN ORACLE    Unavailable
     Worry ends where faith begins she is a superior level psychic/oracle who trains others born with the same special gift she is a born Egyptian oracle ...Read More
Ext: 1306   

TAMMY    Unavailable
     I enjoy helping people with all matters of life I have over 15 years of experience. I generally give readings to friends and family advising them on ...Read More
Ext: 1330   

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Featured Advisor
Psychic Mary Ext: 1286
I have been a psychic since the age of six I was three when i answered my first questions and professionally when I was nine. I charged two cents. I do some work with the City of Calgary Police Department and I have solved a few cases for them. Read More...

The Best Psychic Reading
Psychic Reading: Preparation
  • Settled down and Concentrate
  • Have your questions ready
  • Be patient with your Psychic
  • Relax your Mind and Spirit
  • Reflect on what has been told

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