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    Let me introduce myself I am Aster Charm and I am looking forward to sharing my gifts with you. I am a 3rd generation natural born intuitive. I have been reading professionally for over 15 years. My studies are extensive and my experience is priceless. Together as we connect I will focus all of my attention on you and your energy. While applying all of my gifts I hope to guide you on a clear path. Experience, Psychic Reiki, aura reading, mediumship, clairvoyance clear seeing, clear audience clear hearing, clairsentience clear feeling, claircongnizanze clear knowing, clairalience clear smelling, clairempathy clear emotions, clairtangency clear touch psychometry, precognitive dream interpretation, empath. Divination tools used crystal ball gazing, pendulum readings, rune readings, bone casting, tea leaf readings, candle readings, tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards, astrology readings, horoscope zodiac readings, numerology, ceromancy wax readings, dream interpretation, past life regression and much more. Throughout the years while honing my gifts I have done extensive studies while obtaining certifications in clairvoyant aura reading certification, remote viewing advanced certification, professional angelic healing certification, meridian energy practitioner certification, quantum healing master class certification, doctor of metaphysics degree certification, tarot card reading certification, reiki master certifications in sushi shiki ryoho, kundalini and regular reiki, therapeutic massage diploma, animal reiki practitioner certification, professional relationship coach diploma, holistic herbalism diploma, ayurvedic medicine foundation diploma, aromatherapy diploma reiki therapist master, shamenism therapist/angel therapist/crystal therapist/spiritual life coach therapist. Those are just some of my certifications and accomplishments. I am an attentive listener, honest, kind and compassionate, Non judgmental and always discreet.
Customer Reviews
Feb 7 2024 3:14PM
Was quick and on point did not waste my time had a good reading.

Jan 7 2024 4:55PM
Aster, in your own effervescent, unique and lighthearted way, you deliver. Thank you.

Dec 31 2023 7:18PM
Wow, Astro Charm is a gifted reader. Her reading was accurate, I felt connected to everything she said which helped me make sense of my situation. Thank you!

Sep 15 2023 9:25PM
Excellent reading, was able to tap in. Thank you

Sep 4 2023 6:44PM
Thank you ! For helping and giving informative insights ! So much is being lifting off my shoulders ! ?? I appreciate it so much !

Jun 19 2023 9:27PM
She was insightful, on point/relevant, quick and a pleasure to speak to.

Jun 11 2023 5:51PM
I just had a reading with Aster Charm and she was very accurate with all the information she gave me. I had questions about my business and she gave me clarity. If you want an accurate and professional reading give her a call. She is Amazing.

Jun 10 2023 7:26PM
So far, Aster has been sharp, concise, and accurate. I am waiting for other insights to manifest.

Jun 1 2023 12:29AM
Very accurate. I will definitely call her again.

May 30 2023 11:56PM
One of my Go To Psychics on this line. Recommended!

May 25 2023 5:24PM
Wow she’s amazing! Very accurate & too the point! I be waiting on her to get online!! From keyanna

May 23 2023 8:21PM
Loved my reading with Aster charm. She picks up quick and was super accurate when I asked her about my current situation. Gave me some clarity that everything will work out.

May 22 2023 8:26PM
She was amazing, and she could read through everything I felt. She was so positive, which made my day! Calling regards to love and careers options. Waiting to see what s in store for me. Thank you!

May 13 2023 10:17PM
She s seems nice quick response to questions very friendly and helpful

May 4 2023 5:10PM
Aster, given the very limited time we had, you were kind, articulate, and zeroed in.

May 3 2023 12:07AM
She has positive energy very sweet respectful and kind! If you want specifics ask directly not just general questions. She did a great job ????

Apr 29 2023 11:48PM
She good was able to pick up on things. Thank you. Ms Y

Apr 29 2023 10:50PM
Amber is a multi faceted, strong reader: she was sharp and quick and no nonsense while she tapped into all related parties by just their first names. I will be calling her again.

Apr 28 2023 11:46PM
She is so sweet and kind and loving funny Santa humor she’s right on point I will Call her again she made me feel very comfortable at ease straightforward and honest I trust her give her a call thank you so much God bless

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