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    Iconic Intuitions by Jamie I help you cope with toxic relationships, grief, loss, spiritual warfare, and your life purpose. I am an intuitive healer, life purpose teacher, and transformation coach. I read the Tarot, understand astrology at a deep level, and use my understanding of symbolism to help you to decipher your dreams. The metaphysical world is one I live in and work with everyday as a lifestyle. I practiced what I preach and have lived through the experiences I help you with. I have been studying such topics for over 25 years and have certifications under my belt as well. I have been a professional reader and coach for 4 years now and have worked with hundreds of clients around the world. My style is quite personable. I resonate and connect with my clients deeply. I am proud of what I do and Im very good at it. I have been blessed with spiritual gifts that are very strong and seem to be enhancing regularly as I grow spiritually. You will get a friend in me as well as someone who connects with you at a deep level and knows how to feel my way energetically through any situation. I take what I do seriously and my love for it is one that is powerful. I have fought serious spiritual wars and came out of it better than ever and still getting better! I can guarantee that! My Areas of Focus Spiritual Warfare and Shadow Work Narcissistic Abuse, Emotional Intelligence, and Toxic Relationships Grief Loss and Emotional Pain Life Purpose and Transformation Tarot, Astrology, and Dream Interpretation Creative Intuitive Careers and Entrepreneurs
Customer Reviews
Feb 9 2024 2:12PM
Jamie, is very accurate. I love her

Jan 6 2024 8:19PM
Jamie is a sharp reader!

Dec 26 2023 1:47AM
Jaime said something would happen at this time, and it did. May more of these good things manifest!

Dec 22 2023 12:19PM
She was so smooth and accurate. I recommend her to anyone. I am intuitively blessed and hard to plz. She blew me away with her spot on accuracy. 20 stars if I could.

Dec 3 2023 4:53PM
Jaime, I hope the good things in our last love reading manifests! Happy Holidays!

Oct 14 2023 2:30AM
Jaime came across to me as an interactive reader so it was worthwhile to give some info as she unravelled what the cards meant vis a vis my question/s. At the end, she concluded by answering my question/s successfully and directly. Wow.

Oct 11 2023 9:53AM
Great knowledge of cards and ability to interpret with transparency and without hesitation. I like how she relies on the neutrality of tools, rather than intuition or feelings that can be influenced by a psychic s human experience. Her visual descriptions of the cards matched actual events. I felt no judgment. She was very confident and not a second was wasted.

Sep 26 2023 11:50PM
She’s phenomenal and picked up on my POI right away.. very detailed!

Sep 23 2023 4:56PM
The reading went well without me having to say a lot about the POI and she did ease my mind about the situation.

Sep 22 2023 2:15AM
Amazingly Accurate

Sep 20 2023 1:14PM
Thank you I appreciate

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