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LUNA    Available Now
     STAFF PICK. Luna Ext. 1060 with 35 years exp I am a Certified Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot, Rune, Pet, Aura & Chakra reader. Love relationships are my specialty regardless of your love or lifestyle choice. I advise on all Career, Finance & Family matters accurately. My spiritual healings invigorate your Chakras, using precious stones, prayer and Gods light. Communicate with those you have lost! Born a Medium I will channel with all of your loved ones!. Using corrugated crystals I watch people. Being a strong Remote Viewer, I interpret Dreams, use Astrology with Moon phases & colors to determine emotions and time elements. Extremely dedicated. I work daily EST. My schedule varies: 2 to 4 pm until 1 to 2 am. Thank you for calling! Psychic advisor Luna Ext. 1060

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Susan    Nov 27 2015 10:05AM   
I spoke with Luna. She is so sweet and caring and spot on what she says. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with her and gave me great advice!!!! God Bless you Luna . Thank you so much. Sue M   

Baerbel    Oct 24 2015 9:03PM   
Thank you for the encouragement enjoyed the reading Star   

Jamie    Sep 29 2015 10:35PM   
My my my Luna was amazing!! She opened up my mind to situations that I didn t ask her about. She even shared some motherly advice to me about my life. True story! If your looking for a Psychic. I recommend her for your reading. J.M.   

Shirlene    Sep 9 2015 8:20PM   
WOW! I just had another awesome reading. Luna is the best. I always feel so much better and see and understand situations more clearly. She is so precious. Thank you Luna! Cheryl   

Baerbel    Aug 4 2015 11:33AM   
Last reading was nice encouraging. Straight to the point Thank You Star   

Anonymous    Jul 5 2015 1:02AM   
Luna is a real sweet heart. She is always a joy and pleasure to talk to. She is right on and always be straightforward and gives you the honest truth and best guidance possible. I will continue reading with her. Blessings Luna!   

Baerbel    Jun 15 2015 12:00AM   
Like always very straight forward and good. Thank you Star   

Baerbel    Jun 1 2015 5:26PM   
thank you sooo much for your encouragement and your help Star   

Anonymous    May 27 2015 1:16AM   
Such a lovely, pleasant reader. It was so much fun talking with Luna. Her reading was shockingly accurate as she got deeper into my reading. Will be sure to read with her again.   

Anonymous    May 22 2015 7:59PM   
She was great on point. She went something before I even said anything. I will definitely coming back to her.   

Anonymous    May 8 2015 10:40PM   
Luna is such a gifted and spot on reader and psychic. She has great insight and doesn t ask a lot of questions, but tells you what the cards really reveal. She also couples that with her keen insight of the situation, hats off!!   

MELINDA    Apr 8 2015 5:06PM   
I m so happy with Luna. She really knows and understands my concerns and gives me hope for the future. She is direct and is so personable. When I need guidance, I turn to her.   

Ruth    Apr 8 2015 2:08PM   
Luna has much insight and her years of experience speaks for itself. She is pleasant, caring and her ability to see into a person s situation is amazing! She doesn t ask questions, rather tells you what is being revealed to her. Ruth B.   

Ruth    Apr 8 2015 2:07PM   
Luna has much insight and her years of experience speaks for itself. She is pleasant, caring and her ability to see into a person s situation is amazing! She doesn t ask questions, rather tells you what is being revealed to her. Ruth B.   

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Psychic Mary Ext: 1286
I have been a psychic since the age of six I was three when i answered my first questions and professionally when I was nine. I charged two cents. I do some work with the City of Calgary Police Department and I have solved a few cases for them. Read More...

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