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     STAFF PICK. 24 years professional experience. Sylvia is a fourth generation born psychic. She is one of our most diverse psychic advisers. Skilled in aura reading, dream interpretation, & spiritual readings she can help you with relationships, love, finance, marriage troubles, depression, or any other concern in your life or the life of loved ones. With a unique ability to tap into to auras she can predict your future, inform you about your past, and clarify the present.

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Ra    Nov 17 2016 1:31PM   
What I like is that she gets your name and takes it from there with ALOT of information. You don t have to worry that your time is being wasted. Thank you Sylvia!   

Nancy    Sep 18 2016 6:55PM   
Sylvia is excellent! I highly recommend her! I ve had several readings with her and she is always right on the mark!   

Nancy    Sep 18 2016 6:55PM   
Sylvia is excellent! I highly recommend her! I ve had several readings with her and she is always right on the mark!   

Anonymous    Sep 10 2016 9:29PM   
I am brand new to this site. I am very happy that I found it. Have had a lot of readings this year and am searching for true psychics/readings. I think I found it here with Sylvia. She does not hesitate, gets right to it. I will update when/if her predictions come true. Excellent reading.   

Anonymous    Jul 24 2016 10:40PM   
Thank you for the BEST reading! Picked up on my question right after hearing my name and DOB. Hope your predictions come to real : HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!   

JOY    Jul 10 2016 11:12PM   
I am very grateful for sylvia,she is truly amazing and has guided through my journey from the start. Sylvia is truly amazing and she is the the best   

Gloria    May 20 2016 6:30AM   
Sylvia is a true psychic. She will zero in immediately without you saying much at all. It is unbelievable how she knew what my situation is. Truly gifted!!   

Nancy    Apr 16 2016 7:26PM   
I thought she was excellent, inspiring and particularly gifted when it comes to relationships. I ran out of time, but will definitely calling her again. Thank you Sylvia!   

JOY    Mar 18 2016 10:11PM   
Sylvia is amazing, her predictions came through and I am so happy. I am blessed to have found such an amazing reader, she is very nice and straightforward pls call her today   

Anonymous    Feb 15 2016 4:45PM   
sylvia is spot on she pick up on everything that been going on in my life some of the thing she have said came to pass will called her again she is the best   

Anonymous    Jan 29 2016 8:10PM   
Shes the best psychic on here !!!!!   

CAMILO    Jan 28 2016 8:34PM   
My favorite reader in the world, she is the most great person in this world   

Anonymous    Nov 29 2015 8:11PM   
Sylvia is simply amazing and so right about everything. Please call her as she is very accurate with her readings. She was able to help me see the light where I did not think one existed and to put my mind at ease. She was able to quickly pick up on my situation and guide me not just for now but preparing me for an amazing future. Thank you sylvia :   

Shevon    Oct 11 2015 8:24PM   
Sylvia, is a greater reader. She answered all of the questions and give me details regarding my situation and what to expect. She made me feel at ease regarding what the future holds in my life. She said my relationship will get back on track and he and I will be together for a special occasion early December and for the holidays. I will update to see if this does really happen for me as she predicted. I hope that her predictions does come true. I got off the phone feeling warm in my heart. Thank you so much Sylvia.   

VICTORIA    Sep 18 2015 9:47PM   
Sylvia is amazing, connected with me well. She knew about my loves feelings towards me and towards himself. She is helping me understand our relationship more. Things are improving for us. She s very honest too. Which I admire in a psychic. Give her a call, you won t be disappointed. This woman is the real deal! Thanks Sylvia!   

Anonymous    Aug 9 2015 9:44PM   
I want to thank you Sylvia for being there for me. You are like my long lost Aunt. I appreciate your consistency and direction. I appreciate you telling me when I m wrong and giving me tips to correct my behavior. You are my sound board I greatly appreciate the gift God has given you.   

Anonymous    Jun 18 2015 10:07PM   
my reading was very nice and I m looking forward to her predictions, how beautiful all of it would be...thanks Sylvia and gifted psychics for your help and discount mailings, if it weren t for that, this reading wouldn t have taken place...many blessings to you and to you Sylvia...:   

Heidi    Jun 10 2015 4:42PM   
Syliva is the most amazing psychic I have ever had the pleasure of being read by and I ve had a lot of psychic readings . She starts quickly and takes me right down the path. How she instantly knows exactly what s happening in my relationship is bewildering! Psychic Sylvia is truely gifted, I m so glad I found her.   

Anonymous    May 29 2015 12:09AM   
This was the most detailed accurate reading! I have had many done and she was very descriptive and accurate! I thank you! I will call back.   

NELLIE    May 3 2015 1:22AM   

Anonymous    Apr 9 2015 10:06PM   
I like the reading but the only thing is I think she may have another job because the last two times I tried to call to get back to her she was not in   

Anonymous    Apr 8 2015 6:56PM   
Sylvia i am blessed by her to have found the truth from her.she is truthful in what she is saying. Extension 1084   

Marvin    Apr 8 2015 6:34PM   
I like the reading and it really help me out   

Chris    Apr 8 2015 5:25PM   
Sylvia is very straight forward...she dives right into your deepest issue without you having to say anything. Sylvia has been very helpful with my situation. I have had many readings, but there is just something different about Sylvia. I highly recommend her.   

Patty    Apr 8 2015 5:02PM   
Sylvia is amazing. She is able to cut through to the details. She is amazingly accurate! Patty S.   

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I have been a psychic since the age of six I was three when i answered my first questions and professionally when I was nine. I charged two cents. I do some work with the City of Calgary Police Department and I have solved a few cases for them. Read More...

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