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JOY    Connected
     STAFF PICK 20 years professional experience. Being born of the veil or more commonly referred to as a caulbearer, Joy was given a unique gift at birth. Able to tune into your aura or chakra with simply the sound of your voice, Joy is skilled with unique abilities. She is a medium, healer, mediator, adviser, dream interpreter and born intuitive psychic. She does many different types of meditations to heal sickness, tame stress, balance your chakra, and release negative energy. Most recently she has mastered the technique of violet fire meditation, which has been said to be the most powerful healing meditation. She also has the ability to speak with loved ones who have passed on including pets, spirit guides, and angels.

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Susan    May 22 2017 4:13PM   
Joy at this point is just over the top.... I count on her so much for her insight with an ongoing situation and she always is spot on with her readings...I have been contacting Joy for about 3 years and she never disappoints always warm and caring and such a help to me.... As Always thank you from the bottom of my heart Joy... Your name is perfect you are a Joy to speak with...SMM   

Susan    Mar 10 2017 10:44AM   
Simply put the best all the way around!!! God Bless you Joy!!! Anonomous   

Susan    Jan 19 2017 4:58PM   
Joy is a wonderful psychic.... She gave me a great reading and correct on all she said! She gave me advice in my given situation and it has helped me so much!!! God Bless you Joy!!! Thank you so much!!!! Anonomous   

Susan    Jan 16 2017 11:05AM   
I have had many readings from Joy. She is such a great psychic ... She is compassionate and caring!!! Always gives the right reading and spot on!!! Thank you Joy for many great readings!!! SMM   

Teresa M    Jan 2 2017 7:36PM   
I really enjoyed my reading with Joy. She was very nice and I seem to connect with her immediately. I will call on her again. I also hope what she said to me comes to pass. I would recommend her to anyone that wants an honest and conceit reading.   

Carole    Oct 14 2016 7:15PM   
Fantastic reading. I was wowed by her accuracy and the information she was able to pick up on regarding my situation. She gave a very clear and concise reading that left me in awe. She is the real deal. I will definitely call back again.   

Susan    Aug 10 2016 8:50AM   
I want to say that Joy is the greatest Psychic ever. Thank you Joy. I have to tel you you told me two things over the past 2 weeks that spoke volumes to me. Those two things you told me have helped me to end the current situation I m in which is something I have to do . Without those two statements you made to me I would still be giving myself more heartache. I am done and now have the strength to move on and get [ast this horrible situation. God Bless you Joy. You have been a angel for me. Sue m   

GABRIELLA    Aug 2 2016 6:47PM   
Joy is on point. THE BEST reading I have ever had. She help me find my light, reassured my inner confidence and lifted the world off my shoulder.   

Anonymous    Jul 29 2016 8:37PM   
Joy was pretty great, very honest. I ll keep what was stated into consideration. Thanks   

Anonymous    May 17 2016 8:27PM   
Joy is amazing! She has the kindest disposition and a true gift. She is very good at tapping into a situation and describing the characteristics of the person I am calling about. I will update as soon as these predictions come to pass! I am grateful I found her! April   

Susan    Nov 21 2015 3:41PM   
I can say enough about Joy. She is an angel sent to earth. I can only say God Bless you Joy for understanding my situation and helping me continually to get through this horrible emotional crisis. Love you Joy. Sue M   

Susan    Oct 15 2015 1:51PM   
Joy is the most amazing psychic I have ever spoken to. She is warm caring and knows exactly where its at. She has been an angel on my shoulder. God Bless you Joy. Thank you so much. sue miranda   

Susan    Sep 4 2015 12:30PM   
I cant say enough about Joy She has helped me so much. She is an nagel on my shoulder. Thank you Joy so much. God Bless you!!!!!!! Sue miranda   

Gina    Aug 25 2015 9:56PM   
Predictions came thru! Joy is so super super amazing! Thank you Joy a million stars to you!!!!   

Susan    Jul 21 2015 10:16AM   
I cant say enough about JOY. She is an angel on my shoulder.. I can never repay her for all she has done for me spiritually. She is so spot on about everything. I love you joy. God Bless you!!!!! sue m   

STACY    Jun 10 2015 4:36PM   
I have called other psychic networks and I feel like a number, but at Psychic Stars I am a real person with real problems and psychic Joy gives me real solutions…   

JANINE    Jun 10 2015 4:35PM   
I want to extend a special thanks to Joy. I had a situation I really needed to figure out. She nailed my situation on the head and helped me to understand what I am going through. She is a real treasure. Thank you so much Joy. She is also very warm and compassionate. As Always, warmest regards, Janine. Thank you all psychic stars!!!!!!! I love you all!!!!!!!!   

Susan    May 30 2015 3:05PM   
Just one word for joy AMAZING!!!! Thank you for the guidance you have given me, God Bless you!!!!   

Susan    May 13 2015 3:36PM   
got another reading from Joy She is truly amazing. have some medical issues. Was exact on the problem with all my issues. She is also so caring and nurturing.Thank you Joy for all you have done for me.... warmest regards, sue m   

Susan    May 8 2015 1:38PM   
Cannot say enough about Joy. She is truly amazing. She has been spot on about everything . She is such a caring person. She is so gifted. God bless her. Thank you Joy for all you have done to help me. Sue   

Anonymous    Apr 9 2015 9:36PM   
Joy is one of the best I have ever worked with. She has helped me manage my love relationship and the anxieties that come with. Her answers are articulate, succinct, and intelligent. She has helped me overcome complex obstacles with her objectivity and wisdom.   

Anonymous    Apr 9 2015 9:34PM   
Joy is one of the best I have ever worked with. She has helped me manage my love relationship and the anxieties that come with. Her answers are articulate, succinct, and intelligent. She has helped me overcome complex obstacles with her objectivity and wisdom.   

Anonymous    Apr 8 2015 5:59PM   
Joy always knows exactly what to say..she always give me the right direction to go in and and always nails it..thank u joy   

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I have been a psychic since the age of six I was three when i answered my first questions and professionally when I was nine. I charged two cents. I do some work with the City of Calgary Police Department and I have solved a few cases for them. Read More...

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